Billy is a young and active lurcher who is looking for an owner who will enjoy completing further training with Billy. He is a friendly boy who loves playtime especially when it comes to zoomies.

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3 years old

The perfect home

Billy will need owners who are committed to helping him with his dog to dog interactions. Billy tends to be very vocal when he sees other dogs but with time, patience and some tasty snacks he can be gradually introduced to other dogs. He is a very smart boy so picks up training quickly.

Billy is going to need a combination of walks in quieter areas away from other dogs so he can enjoy some down time. It would be ideal if owners had access to a private/hired field so he can blast out his zoomies in a safe area a couple of times a week. He travels well in the car so he doesn’t mind if he needs to travel for new adventures!

Alongside this downtime, Billy’s new owners will then also need to work with him in a controlled setting so he can continue to learn how to be calm in the presence of other dogs.

Billy will need to be the only pet in the household and if children are present in the home they will need to be aged 14+
If you are looking for a dog to go on many adventures with then look no further, Billy will make a great addition for someone who has the time and patience to help him blossom.

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