Badger is a big boy who arrived in our care as a stray.

On arrival this poor lad was terrified, and it quickly became apparent that he hadn’t had much socialization of any kind in his short life.

In the short time he has been with us we have truly watched his personality shine; he has transformed from a dog that would cower in the corner as far away from you as possible to what can only be described as a giant lap dog! 

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1 year old

The perfect home

We found very quickly that other dogs were key to helping Badger learn to trust us, he copied their behaviour and started to play albeit in a very awkward manner!

So, we are looking for him to be rehomed with an existing playful and tolerant dog who Badger can continue to learn from.

It’s likely he has received little training so we would anticipate he is going to need time to adjust to a normal home life which includes toilet training and learning to be left alone.

Owners who are keen on training will be ideal for him and luckily he loves his food so we’ve no doubt he’ll find ongoing training great fun.

Any potential adopters will need to be willing to come and meet Badger a few times before taking him home.

He is currently looking for an adult only home.

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