Arlo is a 4-year-old American Bulldog with a heart as big as his stature.

My details

American bulldog cross


4 years old

The perfect home

This gentle boy was quite scared when coming into our care, but he has grown quickly into a sweet and affectionate boy who will shower you with love and loyalty.

Arlo can live with dogs that are the right match for his playstyle, although he doesn't require canine companionship. Otherwise, he would benefit from having dog friends that he can meet to have walks with.

Arlo cannot live with cats.

He is best suited to an adult only home years who are comfortable with bigger dogs.

Arlo cannot be left alone initially and requires a gradual acclimation period to being left alone for a maximum of 1-2 hours.

He needs a family committed to building his confidence and providing him with the support and training he needs to thrive. The Behaviour Team at Hope are hand to help any future adopters keeping him more settled on being left alone.

A private and secure garden is essential for Arlo to enjoy outdoor activities.

Arlo has shown to be quite a clever boy who loves using his brain and is already starting to learn new tricks! Adopters who can keep him mentally stimulated will help him thrive.

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