Yet again we are launching an appeal for information after two French bulldogs, who we have named Fred and Barney, were found in shocking condition on Coity Common yesterday (Saturday 6th July).

Poor Fred was tied up. He is almost completely hairless with nasty sores and horribly itchy skin. We're awaiting the results of his skin scrape, but it's also likely he was deliberately bred to be hairless, a disgusting trend by backyard French Bulldog breeders  

Little Barney also has sores and skin issues, and is seriously underweight with a body score of just two. His breathing is absolutely awful, and he is having problems regurgitating. As you can see from the photos, his whole body conformation just looks "wrong." He has been kept in at the vets.

We suspect Fred and Barney are breeder cast offs, and would be extremely grateful for any information. This type of breeding needs to be exposed and closed down, and not reporting it leads to the most unimaginable suffering.

Contact us with information

These people should not be protected. Please ring us in confidence on 01443 226659, drop us a message on Facebook, or email us on [email protected]  

Once again we are left to pick up the pieces both emotionally and financially. As always, we'll ensure they get the very best care.

The volume of seriously neglected dogs is really taking it's toll on us, but without Hope Rescue committing to take around quarter of the stray dogs in Wales their future would be far bleaker. We will always be here for the most vulnerable dogs in our local communities, thanks to your support. If you are able to make a one off or regular gift to help our work with stray dogs, then you can do so via the butotn below

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