Could you sponsor our Palliative Paws dogs with a monthly donation?

From time-to-time dogs enter our care with life-limiting medical conditions. 

At Hope Rescue, we want to ensure that they have the best possible life in the remaining time that they have, particularly as these dogs won’t be able to be rehomed. 

Our amazing Palliative Paws foster homes provide the loving safe place, and we commit to support these homes with veterinary costs and any other support required by the dog or the foster family.

Watch the video below of Hondo, one of the Palliative Paws dogs who is #LivingWithHope

Meet the other dogs who are #LivingWithHope

Our average veterinary care bill for our Palliative Paws dogs is around £12,000 per year. The other associated costs include essentials such as food, treats and grooming.

Supporting dogs in our Palliative Paws foster homes couldn’t be easier. Your monthly donation will help us to continue to say ‘yes’ to dogs with additional needs that still have a life to live, however long that might be.

To become a Palliative Paws sponsor, tap the Donate button on this page. Thank you