Axel came into our care recently as a stray. We don’t have any information about this sweet boy but he came into our care with very poor dental health. His teeth in parts were completely black and diseased with decay. Axel’s dental issues were so bad that he was put under general anaesthetic so the vet could assess the extent of his dental problems.
This poor dog had 18 of his teeth removed, which is nearly half of a full set for an adult dog. Axel is being kept comfortable after coming around from the surgery but there’s no doubt about it, he will be experiencing some pain and discomfort over the week.
With Axel being a stray, we do not know if or how much neglect he’s experienced through in his life, but what we do know is that he’s in the right place with our Welfare team, who’ll make sure he’s given the right after care and plenty of love and attention.
Axel is a sweet, timid boy who has certainly proven himself to be a firm favourite amongst the staff here at the centre. He’s slowly coming out of his shell the more time he spends with us, which is heart-warming to see considering how he was on arrival. We’ll work with him going forward to help him recover from this extensive surgery and get him ready to find his forever home.
We’re not sure how much Axel’s surgery and aftercare will cost and we know times are hard right now because we’re facing our own hardship with rising costs but if you can donate we’d really appreciate the support.
You can donate directly on Facebook or Instagram, via this appeal, by calling 01443 226659 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or text HOPERESCUE followed by your donation amount to 70085, and receive further information from us. Text HOPERESCUENOINFO if you'd like to donate but not receive information from us.
Thank you from us, a recovering Axel and all of the dogs in our care.