We’ve reached an incredible milestone at our rescue centre, since opening the kennels in 2017. The 5000th dog came through our gates last week, into the care of our amazing team.

Meet our 5,000th dog

Three-year-old terrier Navy was another unclaimed stray or abandoned dog left at the local pound. 

Without Hope Rescue the unthinkable would have been the outcome for this lovely young chap. Our own kennels are constantly at capacity, which means dogs like Navy are left waiting at the pound and we pay for private boarding kennels as a temporary solution until space becomes available. 

This is a cost that we hadn’t budgeted for, but the only option to give these dogs a chance.


Our emotions are mixed as we mark this significant milestone. We celebrate the remarkable work of our team under tremendous pressure, striving to do the very best for the 5,000 dogs who have needed our care. We also celebrate the incredible support that we receive every day from everyone who donates to our appeals, gives their time, and works in partnership with us. 

However, it also highlights the scale of the issues facing our sector, with thousands of dogs in need and owners struggling to care for their pets. 


Over the past year, the number of strays coming into our care has increased dramatically. Many dogs have no microchips and are left unclaimed. 


Most dogs are arriving with additional medical needs. Thankfully, Navy only requires some routine care. We have started the vaccination process, flea treatment, and he will be booked in for neutering before we find his forever home. 


To prepare the average healthy dog, like Navy, for the life they deserve it costs us £500. For dogs with more complex needs, the costs are significantly higher, but it’s a challenge that we are used to facing and your support helps makes a difference.

Support our life-saving work 

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Thank you.