Could you spare a few hours to help at one of our fundraising events?

Christmas is a very busy time of year for rescues. To help raise much needed funds we have a full calendar of events during November and December including Street Collections, Meets and Greets and Christmas Markets. We are looking for new volunteers who can spare a couple of hours to help out. Our Fundraising Team will make you feel very welcome and you also get the chance to meet some of our dogs for adoption.

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Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet, Pets at Home in Cardiff - 29th November 2014

We are looking for volunteers please to help with a collection outside the store (or inside, if the weather is bad). The staff here are very pro Hope Rescue, and are looking forward to our visit, they love seeing the dogs we bring.

Hope Rescue's foster dogs are preferred, or even those that have already been rehomed. Meet and Greets are a wonderful way of getting homeless dogs noticed, and we have lost count of the number of dogs we have re-homed as a direct result of their appearance at an M&G.

Caerphilly Medieval Market, Caerphilly - 13th/14th December 2014 (TBC)

We will be having a stall at the Medieval Chrismas Market in Caerphilly this year. This is a great way to both raise much needed funds AND raise awareness of Hope Rescue and our dogs needing forever or foster homes.

We would be grateful for as many volunteers as possible to help out as this type of event really does depend on a good number of volunteers. We will be selling a selection of our items plus doggy deli if anyone can help with baking.

The stall needs to be set up and running for the following times:

Saturday 13 December 9am - 5pm

Latest update on our charity shop project

Our offer on a shop in Taff Street, Pontypridd has been accepted and we have instructed solicitors. The property is located in a prime location with a good footfall. It has plenty of space downstairs for both a retail shop and a drop-in Information Centre where the public can find out more information about our work. We have the same amount of space upstairs to develop a volunteer meeting area as well as plenty of space for sorting the stock, a Managers office etc.

We're looking for our forever homes


12 Year Old Female Staffie


8 Week Old Male Whippet Cross


9 Month Old Female Dachsund x JRT

We need a foster home


4 Month Old Female Whippet Cross


2 Year Old Female Husky


5 Year Old Female Staffie Cross