Sid and Peyton are 9 year old Shih Tzus who came in together back in September 2020. It was clear that they were very attached and would regularly spend the days snoozing away in bed together. Unfortunately they both have ongoing health problems.
Peyton had a severe case of dry eye which had been left untreated. This has affected his tear production long term so he now needs daily eye drops for the rest of his life. Since being in foster he has had several trips to the vets with various conditions, but sadly he has recently been diagnosed with a tumour on his anal gland, whilst the initial tumour was removed another quickly grew back and it has already spread to his lymphnodes. For the moment he is happy and comfortable so his foster family will continue to spoil him under close supervision from our veterinary team.

Poor Sid’s condition was unfortunately much more severe on arrival. He had been previously hit by a car and his injuries left doubts over the stability of his remaining legs and his pelvis as they were very weak, with little muscle tone as his injuries were left untreated. His hind left leg was dislocated from the stifle down and it was completely unusable. Sadly, this did result in amputation once all other options were considered. Since moving into foster care, he has had to have an eye removed due to an ulcer and a heart murmur has now been detected.

'Sid and Peyton have not had the easiest life, both having faced many medical issues and operations and now finding themselves in palliative care. Not only do we not know what will present each day but how they feel and what pain they experience can change with each second and as foster carers we have to be there for them as they don’t understand why this is happening. Medication is essential for their needs and new techniques to get them to take it can be hard to find. In the end we know it will result in just them feeling as loved as possible and being as comfortable as possible - if only they could speak!'