Please welcome our Winnie the Pooh gang!

This litter of 8 pups arrived in our care with their mom Robin at just a few hours old, mom is a sweet but energetic girl herself and we currently have dad in with us to, Pooh-Bear, who is a big gentle soul but is also a very energetic boy.

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Ready for adoption 18th July

The perfect home

Tigger, Eeyore, Christopher and Roo are our handsome little men and Owl, Rabbit, Piglet and Kanga are out sweet little ladies. All 8 pups will be looking to move into their new homes from 8 weeks old.

They are an active breed and will thrive in homes where owners are keen to do training with them and use those clever brains of theirs. They are currently learning all about the world with our staff and are currently being exposed to household noises, traffic and new people which they are taking in their stride.

They can live with other dogs in their new home providing the other dog is comfortable with a playful companion! They can also live with cats and children. 

Any new adopter must sign up to reward based training classes prior to adoption.

All members of the family living in the home including any other dogs must be present for the first meet with their pup.

When applying please use "Pointer Pups". The pups will be allocated to potential new homes based on which temperament is best suited to the home.

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