Hi there, 

I’m ready to find my new home now after coming to Hope Rescue as a stray. Understandably I felt quite worried when I first came in but it didn’t take me long to come around and make new friends. I’m often told I’m a fun-loving girlie!

I love a good play in Hope’s ‘off-lead’ areas. So much freedom to enjoy. It makes me so happy that I tend to dance around my walkers feet…love a good fuss when I’m dancing.

I walk really well on my lead but tend to get distracted by new smells along my walk – who doesn’t though right? It just means I like to stop and smell the…things you humans don’t ;)

Hope have introduced me to other dogs and I get along well with them. I can be a bit timid if the other dog is full on but I have my own short bursts of play so really it’s just about finding me the right dog. I could live with another dog if we were well-matched, which Hope Rescue would help us discover. They’re great aren’t they!

Best I’m rehomed with children 14 years and over because of my initial anxiety and I may need help with toilet training and learning to be left alone, so I need someone willing to give me time and show patience. Is that you?

More Information About Winnie 

  • English Bulldog, Female, 3 years 1 months
  • I might be able to live with cats
  • I can live with other dogs 
  • I can't live with children - must be 14+

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