Florence is a 14 year old Jack Russell that arrived in our care as a stray. It didn’t take long to find out she was completely blind. On her initial vet check we found she had a severe flea allergy, extremely bad dental disease resulting in 14 teeth being extracted, She had a body score of 2/9, meaning that her ribs and spine were clearly visible. Her appetite was up and down due to her age and overall condition.

Florence now lives in a Palliative Paws foster home with her foster carer and best friend Pauline. She will stay with Pauline and receive all the veterinary support she needs to be comfortable and pain free for the rest of her days, whilst Pauline spoils her rotten.

Having Florence is really fulfilling and rewarding. She's old, about 15 or 16, but still enjoys gentle walks in the fresh air. She's blind and doesn't bark, which I think was difficult for her to begin with. But as long as nothing is moved or put in her way she can trot around the rooms quite happily and I've learnt her little ways of letting me know she needs something. She is a wonderful little girl and she's made my life so worthwhile.