As the sun comes up on race day, there is always a real sense of excitement and anticipation in this beautiful city. Runners and spectators pour into the city centre, traffic begins to ebb away ready for the race and the city feels very different. There is no other day like it in Bath.

By looping around the city twice, our runners do not have to tackle the famous (and large) hills that surround the city of Bath.

The first mile is gently downhill down Pulteney Road to Churchill Bridge – so resist all temptations to go off too fast.

You then follow two identical laps from Churchill Bridge, gently rising up past Green Park Station, a gentle ‘pull’ round Queen Square (the most crowded spot for spectators on the course), then down Charlotte Street and out along the Upper Bristol Road, gently undulating along Newbridge Road and a longer ‘pull’ up to the ‘New Bridge’ at the beginning of the dual carriageway.

From the ‘Twerton Fork’ the race heads back towards the City centre, pancake-flat along Lower Bristol Road, before crossing over Churchill Bridge and up to Green Park again for the beginning of the second lap. At the end of the second lap the runners pass across Churchill Bridge, finally rising gently (but remorselessly) back up Pulteney Road all the way to the finish with a dramatic finish in Great Pulteney Street.

Here is how you money can help - 

£50 - Buys a collar, training lead, comfy harness and tag for our dogs at the Rescue Centre or in Foster Homes.

£100 - Can vaccinate four dogs.

£500 - Covers a dental for a dog with severe dental disease.

£1,000 – Covers 6 week’s worth of gas to heat the kennels.

Need some inspiration... Read below to see Hope's Top Fundraising Tips!


Here are a few of our top tips to make sure you get the most of your fundraising. 

  • Start early - make sure you give yourself plenty of time and set up a fundraising page as soon as you enter your event. The sooner you do the more success you will have in raising those important funds. 
  • Set yourself a fundraising target - 81% of fundraisers set a target, raising an average of £1,495 each, compared to an average of £914 raised by those who leave their goal unspecified – a 64% increase.
  • Share on social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great platforms to raise awareness for your fundraising event. People who don’t use this medium raise an average of £1,276 each, compared to averages of more than £1,900 each for Instagram and Linkedin users, more than £1,500 for those who use Twitter, and more than £1,400 for Facebook fans.
  • Get personal - share your story about why you are taking on this fundraising challenge to engage your supporters. 
  • Match Giving - If you work for a reasonable-sized company, ask HR or payroll if it operates a Matched Giving scheme. At their most generous, Matched Giving schemes double what you raise, so it definetly worth a go!
  • Share on your behalf - ask your nearest and dearest to share your fundraising story on their social media. Also ask us at Hope Rescue to do the same! The more exposure you get the better!
  • Take lots of photos - ordinarily we would love to meet you during your event, however due to the latest Covid19 restrictions, this is not possible. So, the next best thing is to send us photos and videos from through your event, so we can see how you are getting on and provide that important virtual support.

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