We (Wild Tails - www.wildtailssouthwales.com) are a small dog walking, pet sitting and dog training business based in Rhondda Cyan Taf, south Wales and we would love to give back to those who need it most. We gave the followers on our page an opportunity to decide which charity they would like us to donate to and the majority voted 'Hope Rescue'. After the year we have all experienced, we think it's time to give back to those trying to help others / animals. Hope Rescue suffered massively at the beginning of the year with flooding and then Covid-19 came and stopped vital fundraising, so now more than ever, help is needed.

What are Wild Tails doing?
Lily and Ryan, the founders of Wild Tails will do 1,000,000 (1 million) steps in January. Ryan works an office jobs and helps as and when he can and Lily works with Wild Tails full time, so Lily will be aiming to do most of the steps (25,000+ a day). For some this might not be a lot but at the moment Lily is averaging 12,000 steps a day (training and pet sitting doesn't rack up any steps really). So an extra 13,000 will be a challenge and a half - more than double the amount that Lily does now!

It works out we need 32,500 steps a day to succeed in the challenge, it also works out as 500 miles in 31 days!!!! 

We know that life is difficult now and people are in positions that they may never have been in before, with many people being made redundant etc. If you can spare £1 it will make a huge difference when added up. Make sure to keep an eye on Wild Tails Facebook page @wildtailssouthwales as we will be raffling hampers for both dogs and their owners and other goodies to raise money!

Thanks again for reading and donating if you have. If you can't, please can you share our Just Giving page Lily-Celyn Gaylard is fundraising for Hope Rescue (justgiving.com)

This will show others what we are doing and more potential donations. Thank you, thank you, thank you.