A typical day for Snowy at Hope Rescue

After over 500 days in Hope Rescue's care, Snowy was one of the longest-serving dogs at the rescue. Despite such a long stint in care, Snowy remained positive and energetic: following breakfast, she would embark on her first adventure of the day: her morning walk! During Snowy’s adventure, spanning the 18 acres of land that surrounds the rescue centre, she would often interacts with some of her friends.

Due to Snowy being deaf, she sometimes struggled with confidence issues and could be hesitant to play with the other dogs. But with the love and support she received from the Hope team, Snowy made huge improvements and was able to make several friends to share her experience with.

Following her adventure, Snowy would take a nap. After all… she’d earnt it. Once she’d slept off the morning’s activities, she'd often play with her toys in preparation for her favorite part of the day- the play paddocks! Snowy LOVED the play paddocks. From chasing (demolishing) tennis balls to the good old fashioned chew rope, Snowy loved to run circles around our volunteers! Despite her cutting her paw whilst playing a few weeks ago, she had more energy than ever with nothing being able to sidetrack this charismatic dog’s happiness.

Following her playtime, the volunteers would help to clean her up. Snowy can get a little muddy (especially in the rain!), so some swift cleaning is often necessary. Following this, she'd have another nap… playtime can be exhausting!

After dinner, Snowy would receive the tickles and love that all dogs deserve from the caring team who ensure that she is settled in for the night.

Finding a home

After 18 months at the centre, the team made the decision to ask our friends, The Dogs Trust, if they would take Snowy in and help her found a home. As a charity with a huge national reach and a centre open to visitors, we hoped this would enable Snowy to find her perfect family.

It was emotional to say goodbye to Snowy after her last day at Hope Rescue, but the team knew it was a great opportunity for her. They made sure Snowy left with her favourite toy and crossed their fingers for her adoption success.

The whole Hope Rescue team were delighted to find out in August that Snowy had finally found her forever home. Snowy's story shows partnership working at it's best, and how Hope Rescue works with other organisations to keep the dogs' best interests at heart.