Twitch - Not just for video-games

I have followed Hope Rescue for a long time and I have always admired their commitment to saving every dog possible, even in the most complex of cases. I have a dog called Maisie who went missing on New Year's Eve in 2018 when she got loose and ran off during our walk after fireworks went off overhead. My family and I were distraught. Thankfully, a kind person found her, and Hope Rescue took her in. We were reunited the next day. I was so relieved and grateful.
To the uninitiated, a platform like Twitch can be overwhelming and a complete culture shock. Many believe it's a place where people play and live-stream video-games, for the most part, it can be. However, Twitch on its own is simply a platform where you can live stream anything (within their terms of service, of course) from live cooking to make-up and beauty streams to educational streams - the list is endless. Even NASA live stream their rocket launches on Twitch.
In my channel specifically, I stream a lot of horror games, as I'm a sucker for a good jump scare and classic horror. I signed up for Twitch a long time ago but never really had the time to consistently stream. Since the pandemic hit, I had much more time as I was working from home and I have slowly been building an audience and community since May 2020. I had never held a charity stream before, and with Valentine's day around the corner, I decided to give it a go.
For the fundraising, I created graphics to promote the streaming event on Twitter, Facebook, and my Discord community a few days before the event. I decided to dress up as a massive heart which I crafted myself (disturbing picture below), when people donated, they got their name signed onto the heart. I also ran a giveaway where viewers could be in with a chance of winning a random video-game, rewarding their generosity and time spent watching the live stream. This was all happening while playing a video-game of my choice.
People who watch Twitch are not only watching for the game, more often than not they're there for the community and entertainment. Twitch is effectively an interactive live TV show with many, many ways of creating entertaining content.
Overall, we raised £132 and the stream lasted about 4 hours. I was so happy with the generosity of the community and random Twitch viewers who also stopped by. I'm looking forward to running more online events like this in the future.
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