The Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCT CBC) stray dog kennelling service was transferred to Hope Rescue in June 2017. We were delighted to recently host Members of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee who were evaluating the impact of the transfer. Following their visit, they considered a report last which highlighted the following key improvements:

* Improved facilities to care for and exercise strays
* Improved facilities to undertake behavioural assessments linked to the Council and Hope Rescue’s goal of re-homing stray dogs
* Ability to receive strays 24 hours a day, resulting in a 342% increase in the number of dogs handed in out of hours
* 139% increase in the number of impounded dogs being reunited
* 32% decrease in the number of dogs passing to Hope Rescue after 7 days

We are immensely proud of these service improvements. Dinas pound previously had restricted opening hours after 5 pm and at weekends. We now provide a place of safety 24 hours a day for any stray found in RCT CBC – this was invaluable during the fireworks season as you can imagine. The huge 342% increase in the number of dogs coming to us out of hours shows just how well used and appreciated this service is by the residents of RCT.

The report also praised our proactive approach to reuniting owners and lost dogs, resulting in an impressive 139% increase in the number of impounded dogs going home. This is mainly as a result of us advertising the strays on our Facebook page, and our supporters sharing and checking with local Lost and Found pages. We are also delighted that the number of unclaimed strays in RCT CBC needing to be rehomed has fallen by a third.

Further service benefits were also identified as a result of the service transfer. The Animal Wardens now have greater capacity to focus on resolving stray and dog control issues in the community rather than deal with the welfare of dogs in the pound. The number of patrols has increased since the transfer of the kennelling service, with Animal Wardens having an enhanced community presence in the areas where it is most needed.

Following the Scrutiny Committee visit and meeting we received the following positive feedback:
“All members who have visited were unanimous in their praise for the work being done by your organisation on behalf of the Council and all members were very pleased to receive the report outlining the improvements in service and the well-being of dogs since we transferred the service to Hope Rescue.”

Priscilla, shown in the photograph, is just one of the many strays we took in out of hours late on a Saturday night. She had been badly mauled by another dog and was taken straight to the vets for treatment.