"This will be my first time running for Hope! It has been on my bucket list to run the London Marathon for Hope Rescue for a while now but I have never managed to get in...4 failed ballot attempts down! So, I am very proud to be running for Hope Rescue in the Virtual London Marathon. I have been involved with Hope for over 10 years now; I was a Trustee and Treasurer from 2010 to 2014 and have fostered many dogs unsuccessfully! I failed twice with the adorable Lurcher's Charlie and Muppet (was Madge). 
After my 4 failed attempts for the London Marathon, I ended up taking part in the events with Hardmoors, whose races are pretty challenging for a non runner! It all started in and around 2015 when I ran a 10k in Goathland, North Yorkshire, across the moors in November. I ran with one of my dogs, Halle the Dobermann and my friend and one of her dogs. It was very hard and very muddy. After that, we went on to run another 10k and then a half marathon in our power unit of 4!
My next event was a half marathon, again in the Goathland moors in November 2017 but this time it was alone as my friend was injured. This made it so much harder. 
My biggest challenge came, when I ran my 1st marathon on the Goathland moors in November 2018. It was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I had ever done in my life. To this day, I still don't know how I completed the race (at the halfway point myself and my support really didn't think I would), but I did! I finished in the pitch dark, covered in mud unable to remove my rucksack.
I haven't run an event since but I have kept my running ticking over ready for my next challenge, the Virtual London Marathon. This time I can choose the route. It will most probably be on the road and there won't be stiles, peat bogs or streams, which will really help! I can't wait to get my running shoes on and start training!"
If are inspired by Lesley's story and would like to take part in our Virtual London Marathon event, please contact [email protected] or call 01443 226659