Sugg's Story: 
Suggs came into Hope on 16th November as a stray. He had been loose for at least a few days until he was able to be caught. He had made his paws sore from running so much and was very worried by people. He also had eye and ear infections and was underweight. It took us a good few weeks to gain his trust but once we did he has become the gentlest, happiest chap, although he still mistrusts strangers. Suggs has a number of health issues, as well as his recurring ear problems he has skin allergies and suffers with Shar Pei fever but everything is now under control and he is doing well in foster while waiting for his new home.
Leon and Sugg's Story:
Suggs came to us in December, shortly after recovering from some ill health, but was feeling a lot better thanks to the amazing effort of the team at Hope. He was quite untrusting of people when he got to us, and didn't like anyone petting him without thorough investigation, which earned him the name "Inspector Suggs." He started coming out of his shell after a while with the help of lots of treats and cuddles, and eventually we started running and playing ball which gave us a stronger bond and he seems a lot happier in himself now. We then saw Hope's appeal for fundraisers and thought it would be a great way to support them in helping other dogs like Suggs, so we decided to run 50 miles throughout January. A typical run for us is usually Suggs sprinting around, dragging me at the end of the lead, sniffing everything in sight, and then getting bored and getting dragged for the remainder of the run. 
Unfortunately, Suggs was attacked by another dog recently and needs some time to recover so I'll be running on my own for a while. He's had some stitches in his face and head, but is in good spirits and his face is already looking a lot better already! I'm sure he'll be back to his handsome self in no time. 
Leon is now running for Suggs and would love to raise £1,000 to help heat the kennels during this particularly cold time. All donations will be gratefully received.
If you would like to donate, please visit his JustGiving page here or you can text 5SUGGS or 10SUGGS to 70085 to donate £5 or £10 today.
Thank you!