"Hi Hope Rescue,

I have been training hard this month to prepare my legs and busy brain to raise as much awareness of your amazing work as I can by taking part in the 4x4x48 challenge on 12-14th February.

This challenge was created last year by David Goggins (he is an ultra marathoner, ultra cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker and retired Navy Seal, amongst other things!) which if you accept to take it on involves running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.

I chose Hope Rescue because the work you do for so many dogs every year needs much more recognition and financial assistance and as someone who would love to rescue a dog but just unable to due to shift work, I felt I wanted to try and give more this year.

I volunteered for Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust in Christchurch, New Zealand when I lived there many years ago and I totally appreciate the hard work and dedication needed, not only that’s obvious to the pubic but more so behind the scenes 24 hours of every single day at a rescue centre.  With the number of breeders now popping up due to the public demands of society now choosing designer dogs over rescuing or adopting one, your job is just getting more and more difficult every year. 

My hope is that, me simply sacrificing 2 days of my time, will go a little way towards helping your on-going awesome work at Hope Rescue.

Love your work!!! Chloe xxx"

Chloe has been training incredibly hard for her 4x4x48 challenge for Hope Rescue, completing a practice run two weeks prior to her event. She ran throughout the night, starting at 2.30am and running every 4 hours through to 7pm that night. Through this, she learnt a lot about her body and how to keep herself fuelled and powered up throughout the 48 hours. This is so important for Chloe.

As well as training day and night for this cruelling challenge, Chloe also works fulltime as a Firefighter! She is definitely one of our super supporter's!

Thank you so much Chloe for your incredible dedication and support. 

Please donate and support Chloe through one of her toughest challenges yet. Thank you.