Amy is one of Hope Rescue's many amazing supporters and has made several personal donations to Hope Rescue over the last year, for reasons that are so personal to her. Our fundraising team loves to hear the stories behind these donations.
Here is Amy's story:
"I first got to know some of the work you do at Hope Rescue in December 2018, when we saw a beagle walk past our dining room window without an owner. My husband went outside to check if the dog was with someone and realised she wasn't. She was wandering across a busy road and nearly got hit by a van. He brought her into the house. It was a Sunday, so we didn't know the best thing to do as vets etc were closed. I found details of the council service, who advised we should contact Hope Rescue. She stayed with us while we made arrangements to bring her to you and then we drove her to Hope Rescue. 
I was so impressed with your staff who were kind and helpful. I was also shocked at the response of the owner; the Beagle was microchipped, meaning the staff were able to call the owner while we were there. I would have expected the owners to be overjoyed that their dog had been found safe and well, but I could tell from the responses of your staff that their only concern was the stray fee they would have to pay. This was a tiny insight into some of the challenges you face in trying to care and look after the dogs that come into you.
This experience with Hope Rescue, started my husband and I off on our own quest to get a dog. We have had our Affenpinscher, Louis for 2 years now and I cannot stress how much joy he has brought into our lives! Like many others, I have been working from home for the past year and having Louis around has really helped me combat my anxiety and feelings of being isolated.
We follow your social media updates to keep up to date with Hope's progress and saw that your shop and other sources of funding and fundraising were being stopped, due to Covid19. This spurred me on to make a previous £50 donation at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown and another £50 donation at the beginning of this year. I lost my auntie to cancer at the start of last year and she was a huge fan of animals. I suppose in addition to wanting to support you, I had her in mind when I made the donations.
I really hope the lockdowns and extra challenges your facing will soon be very over, so you are able to get things back up and running! We will be sure to make future donations when we can. I have also applied to volunteer in your shop in Pontypridd, although understandably I was updated to say volunteering requests for the shop are now on hold during lockdown.
Wishing you, all the staff at Hope Rescue and of course the dogs in your care a much better 2021.
Kind Regards,
Amy x"
If you would like to make a personal one off or regular donation, then we would be so grateful. Regular donations are one of our most vital sources of income to keep the rescue centre running to it's full capacity. It is easy to set up, you decide how much you would like to donate and the date it leaves your account. You can find out more and sign up here.