Bindi is a 14 year old Australian cattle dog who arrived in our care as a stray in August 2021. She came in with the most horrendous ear infection, her legs were wobbly but she seemed to enjoy a potter about.

Since moving into her foster home she was admitted to a specialist vet after a change in the colour of one of her eyes, it was feared that this could be a cancerous tumour and resulted in having the eye removed. Despite all the trauma and vets visits Bindi, also known as Queen B, is receiving the very best care along with all the love from her special Palliative Paws foster home, including from her 'brother' Reg. 

Bindi came to stay with us after being found as a stray at 14 years old. She had dermatitis, horribly infected ears and arthritis. Bindi has been a quiet house guest and is very dignified. She soon gained the nickname of Queen B and we’ve done our best to treat her like the royalty she is. Bindi enjoys pottering outside in warmer weather, she likes to be with her humans and chooses one of her cosy beds near to where we are to snooze. She does a lot of sleeping. Her favourite activity is a ride in the car, she has a comfy set up on the back seat and likes to watch the world go by. She takes all her meds like a champ and we keep a close eye on her skin and ears. Bindi is also totally deaf and only has one eye, this really doesn’t effect her day to day. She is a beautiful older lady and we love having her here.