Stray lurcher Leona arrived in our care with a badly broken leg. 

We launched an appeal to find her owner but, heartbreakingly, no one came forward.  We can only conclude that she was deliberately abandoned, due to her injury, which makes us incredibly sad.

On inspection at the vets, there was further sad news as it became clear that the injury wasn't fresh and was at least a few days old.

We know that Leona deserves so much better than this and, due to the severity of her injury, our team worked across the weekend to arrange for Leona to receive specialist care. 

Life-changing surgery 

At Hope Rescue, we are committed to doing our best for the dogs that arrive in our care, regardless of their breed, age, or medical condition. As a larger dog with a complex break to a front leg, we wanted to avoid amputation if possible and Leona was a good candidate for successful orthopaedic surgery.

We are pleased to say that the operation went well at specialist vets, Langfords, but there is a long road ahead for her recovery. Leona is on very strict rest for the next 6 weeks.

She will need regular bandage changes every couple of days and a return trip to the specialists to check how well her leg has healed.

Now we are faced with a bill in excess of £5,000 due to the complex nature of her injury.

We’re hoping that our supporters can help Leona get back on her feet and live the life she deserves.

If you can help pay for Leona's treatment, please click the donate button to give what you can.

Thank you.