This week 10 of the worst bred dogs we have ever seen in our 17 year history were signed over in to our care from a Local Authority after being seized on welfare grounds. Two adults and 8 young dogs under 6 months came in with a catalogue of health issues, some of which we can fix but many of which will be with them for life and are due to a combination of low welfare breeding and inherent breed-related conditions. These include cherry eye, entropion, inverted corkscrew tails, skin conditions, excessive folds and wrinkles and most worryingly, significant conformation issues with their legs, spines and hips, that’s before we even start with their breathing issues.

With your support we can fix some of these for example we can operate on their tails and eyes, we can improve their breathing with BOAS surgery and we can treat their poor skin but it will likely require lifetime management. However, it’s unlikely we will be able to fix some of their conformation issues.

The investigative tests, X-rays and surgeries will likely be in the region of £20,000 and we would as always be so grateful for your support.

We’re devastated to report that several of the bulldogs have now been diagnosed with parvovirus. These dogs have had the roughest time, and now have to deal with this as well. Their condition was already extremely poor so the prognosis isn’t great and this has impacted our welfare team emotionally as they feel helpless. We currently have five at the vets so far but given they all came in together it’s highly unlikely any will escape this contagious disease. 

As always, we will do our very best for them and vets will throw everything they have at them to try to save them, no matter what the cost which will run into £1,000s. Any help in supporting us to cover these costs would be greatly appreciated.

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