So, you’ve decided to adopt a rescue dog!

We’re thrilled you’re here and ready to embark on an exciting journey with one or more of our wonderful dogs. At Hope Rescue, we know just how special a dog is and how much love and joy they bring to our lives, but there’s something extra special about a rescue dog. Most of the dogs we help have sadly experienced a traumatic start in life, so finding their second chance and forever home is especially wonderful.

Your journey starts here.

Step 1: Find Your Dog

We know it can be hard to pick a dog but when you know you know. Take a look at the dogs we currently have available for adoption, have a read about the dog, their back story and their needs. Some of the dogs we look after have had awful, traumatic experiences, so it’s really important to read over each individual profile.

Find a Dog to Adopt

Step 2: Complete an Adoption Application for Your Dog

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to complete our Adoption Form below.

Our Welfare & Adoption team will review your application and make contact with you to discuss in further detail.

As much as we’d love to be able to reply to every person who applies to us to adopt a dog, unfortunately we simply do not have the capacity. Please don’t be offended or put off trying again.

Complete Adoption Application 

Step 3: It’s Time to Meet Your Dog

Before we rehome any dog, we arrange for you to visit our centre based in Llanharan for a ‘getting to know you’ meeting. It’s very important that we match you and the dog to each other careful. Nothing is rushed so patience is important.

In some cases, we may ask that you visit the centre several times to meet with the dog you’d like to adopt. Some of the dogs we look after have experienced trauma and so are not as quick to trust new people, so a few meetings to help build this trust is vital for you both.

Step 4: Our Home Checker Will Visit or Video Assess Your Homes Suitability

If all goes well with your initial meeting and it’s appearing like you’re a match, we’ll arrange a home visit or video call where our Home Checker Volunteer will respectfully assess your homes suitability for the dog you’re applying for. Please remember that this is all part of ensuring a smooth journey for you and the dog. We are not here to judge but to be fair to you and the dog.

Your Home Checker will provide you with some suggestions as to how to make your home as dog friendly as possible, which may include setting out a quiet space for your new dog, making some changes to certain areas or removing potential dangers etc.  

Step 5: Pick Up Your Dog

When everyone involved is happy it’s time to collect your dog from our centre in Llanharan.

Your dog will be fully vaccinated, as well as having up-to-date flea and working treatment before leaving us. A member of our Adoption team will meet you on the day and chat you through any other specifics relating to your dog and arrange payment of our adoption fee.

You’ll also receive an adoption pack which includes four-weeks free insurance and some food, provided by Burns Pet Nutrition, for your dog.

Congratulations – you have a new member of the family.

Before going forward with any application we’d encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions.