Zeta is big girl with a big heart.

Since arriving with us she's been on a bit of a journey resulting in having to have her eye removed after our vets found inflammation and a lump.

Having one eye hasn't dampened her spirit and she's still just as happy as she's always been!

My details

Alaskan Malamute


6 years old

The perfect home

In true Malamute style, Zeta is a chatterbox and this is also true when it comes to interactions with her doggy pals.

We have found on approach she likes to ‘talk’ and then enjoys some really nice play off lead, she also great to walk alongside other dogs.

She would certainly enjoy the company of another dog at home but could also be an only dog with social walks.

Zeta could share her home with teens 14+ provided they are comfortable with larger dogs.

In typical malamute style Zeta can be a bit aloof when she first meet you but soon warms up particularly if a tasty treat is on offer and it doesn’t take her long to lean in for a good fuss with you!

She also loves to chase a ball across the paddocks but hasn't quite mastered bringing it back yet!

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