Lucy is a sweet 9 year old Jack Russell terrier and Sirius is an adorable 7 year old Pug x Poodle who are looking to find their forever home together.

My details

Jack Russell terrier and a Pug cross Poodle

6 years 11 months

The perfect home

They are both very affectionate and love to have a cuddle with their favourite people.

Lucy and Sirius are both foody and will do anything for a tasty treat.

They are looking to be the only dogs in the home but they could have walking friends when out and about on walks.

Lucy can find boisterous dogs very overwhelming and does prefer calm, quiet dogs that will leave her be.

They could live with children 12 years and above and could share their home with cats. A delightful duo who will make a wonderful addition to their new home.

*Please note* Sirius suffers with a condition called Addison's disease, this is a condition that develops when the adrenal glands stops producing two steroid hormones called cortisol and aldosterone. Sirius is managed with daily steroid tablets and a monthly injection.

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