Ripple, like the chocolate, is a favourite amongst many. This sweet and energetic girl is sure to add some excitement to someone's home.  

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Belgian Malinois


2 Years old

The perfect home

Ripple is looking for active owners who will be keen to take her on new adventures and challenge her mind. Ripple is a young and smart girl who is very keen to learn and delve into enrichment activities that can keep her stimulated. When excited, Ripple can jump up and mouth so would be best suited to a home with older teenagers and owners who have experience with larger energetic breeds. 

Ripple loves play time! True to her breed, Ripple loves a game of tug of war and is quite happy to play this with her human or dog friends.

Ripple gets along well with other playful dogs and could live with a well-matched friend at home. She has found a particular buddy in Chewwy, who you can see here: Chewwy The two have hit it off and if you are up for an extra challenge they could potentially be adopted together!

Ripple would love to have a secure garden at home where she can burn off and have the space for her mid morning zoomies. Ripple would need support with her house training and is looking for adopters who will be home most of the day to build up any time she would be left at home alone. 

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