Ribena is a big girl with a lot of love to give. At around a year old, she arrived with a litter of 10-week old pups who have now all moved on to start their new adventures, and Ribena is now ready to find hers.

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Cane Corso


1 years old

The perfect home

Ribena appears to have had little input and, as such, is looking for a home who can help her with her basic training. Currently we have found Ribena to be quite vocal when feeling frustrated, excited or even when a little confused, as such owners will need to be patient with her to show her how to cope with these emotions.

We have found her to be friendly towards people although she can be a little hesitant at times but generally, if she can, she will be on your lap!

Ribena enjoys her toys and food so this should help toward all of her training needs in the home.

When first introducing her to other dogs she will become very vocal which can make other dogs wary of her however when worked through this she adores contact with other dogs, once able to greet Ribena will consistently lick the other dogs face particularly around their mouth. Unfortunately, most dogs aren’t too appreciative of this but after a few meets with the same dog she is able to relax and reduces this behaviour. In the long term we do feel it would benefit Ribena to live with another dog.

Ribena is very clean in her kennel so a good indication she has some basic toilet training. She will need further work on lead walking as she can be very strong when she wants to get to something.

She is currently looking for an adult only home with owner around during the day whilst she settles in.

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