This stunning boy is our very own Pooh-bear, at 4 years old he is ready and waiting to find his forever home with a family who can show him the world.

My details

German Short Haired Pointer


4 Years old

The perfect home

Since his arrival Pooh-bear has shown himself to have impeccable manners and to be a true gent. Pooh-bear is looking for an active home who can provide him with the physical exercise he needs to be content, being a pointer he also loves to get his nose to the ground to follow any trail left behind so this is also a good where to tire him out mentally.

We have found he is very food motivated so this will help toward any on going training he needs. He also enjoys food puzzles such as kongs and lickimats. We have introduced Pooh bear to other dogs and found him to be quite a social boy, he does have the potential to be a little over amorous with some dogs but could share his home with a well-matched canine companion.

Pooh bear may need some help adjusting to a normal home life as he has previously lived in kennel although has spent some time in a home, owners should be prepared to work on any toilet training needs and build up any time he is left slowly. He is able t live with children 12 years and over who are used to large dogs.

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