Our beautiful girl Perrie is waiting to make her new family complete. At just 3 years old Perrie is full of life and wants a home filled with adventure, love and of course a tennis ball!

My details

German Shepherd


3 years old

The perfect home

Since being with us Perrie has become a firm favourite amongst our staff who say she is a delight to be around. Perrie’s two favourite loves are swimming and playing fetch (even better when they are combined!) We have found her to be a strong swimmer and when taken off site to a local walk with a lake she can’t wait to jump in to stretch those legs! 

When back at the centre she enjoys walks around our woodlands, especially if there's a squirrel nearby to watch. 

Perrie is very toy driven which we use to aid in her training needs, she does enjoy a tasty treat, but a ball is always the preferred reward. 

We have found Perrie to be vocal when excited or frustrated, but she is slowly learning she doesn’t need to shout about everything. Due to this, we have trained her to walk wearing a muzzle which she is comfortable in. She can make friends with other dogs after a few meets and every day her social skills improve greatly around them. 

She may take a couple of meets to feel fully secure around her new family, but we have no doubt she’ll make the perfect companion. 

She is currently looking for a home where children are aged 14 and over and where adopters are around during the day whilst she settles in.

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