Monty is a charming and affectionate Staffordshire Bull Terrier who cherishes every moment spent playing with his beloved toys.

Monty first arrived in our care as a stray, he was very bewildered when he first arrived so took some time to build a relationship with us.

Despite his initial reservations around meeting new people, Monty's heart is full of love for his human friends. 

My details

Staffordshire bull terrier


4 years old

The perfect home

New owners would need to visit Monty at our centre multiple times to build a relationship with him.

Monty would flourish in a calm and loving adult only home where he can be the centre of attention.

A household without other pets would be ideal for Monty to thrive and feel secure. Owners willing to provide him with plenty of mental stimulation, playtime and affection would be perfect for him.

Monty needs a secure private garden where he can explore and play with his toys to his hearts content.

Monty does become very attached to those he is comfortable with and given the chance would spend every minute of the day with them, because of this he is stressed when left home alone. New owners would need to ensure he isn’t left alone in the early days and build up his time left home alone gradually, so he learns it isn’t so scary.

When stressed, Monty can jump up and mouth, for this reason he is looking for a home without children. Monty is a sensitive soul who feels uneasy around other dogs.

He prefers his own space and providing he has some distance he is happy to do his own thing and ignore the other dogs however if space doesn’t allow this or the other dog is very boisterous Monty can be vocal towards them.

As a precautionary measure, he wears a muzzle comfortably during walks. With patience and positive reinforcement, Monty's confidence around other dogs can improve over time.

Monty will need an experienced owner that is prepared to go the extra mile to help build his confidence and blossom into a loving companion.

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