Our handsome man Martin recently arrived in our care as a stray after spending several days out on the streets, thankfully kind members of the public helped to get this boy to safety.

My details

Jack Russell Cross


2 years old

The perfect home

Since entry he has been a very timid boy who has taken time to trust staff, he still has a long way to go but each day we see improvements in him.

Staff have worked hard to figure out how to best bring him out of his shell and one thing Martin can’t quite resist is a ball! In the first few days when a toy would role past him he would watch with anticipation and once staff were out of sight he would pounce, fast forward a few days and he will now chase a ball and throw it around whilst staff are sat with him.

Alongside a ball we have found he takes comfort in other dogs, when first introducing him to dogs he would stand and watch but within a short time he was bounding round with them, for this reason we feel it is important that he finds a new home with an existing well-rounded dog.

It may take Martin longer to fully settle around human companions but with time and patience from his new owners he will make a sweet and fun addition. Martin may need help with toilet training and learning to be left home alone.

Any children in the home must be 14 years and over.

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