Mariah is a special girl that has really touched the hearts of all our staff team.

She was extremely nervous when she first arrived with us as a stray and it took some time for her to let down her guard and begin to trust us. 

My details

Staffordshire bull terrrier


9 years old

The perfect home

She can still be shy when meeting new people so she will need to meet her new owners multiple times at the centre before going to her new home to build a relationship.

Mariah is looking for an adult only home without visiting children.

She settles well in the kennel although will need the time she is left home alone gradually built up. Mariah desperately tries to keep her kennel clean so hopefully should pick up her house training quickly.

Due to Mariah’s worries with new people, she can find vet visits very scary so will need an owner who can help build up her confidence in these situations.

Mariah can greet other calm dogs on the lead but can be overwhelmed by any dogs that are boisterous. She will need to be the only pet in the home.

Mariah will need a secure private garden, so she is able to toilet stress free in the early days of moving to her new home. Mariah will make a doting companion to a calm household.

She would be more than content with a morning cuddle, a daily walk then followed up by more cuddles on the sofa!

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