Mallory is a lovely lady is ready to charm her way into your heart and home. 

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2 years old

The perfect home

Mallory is open to sharing her home with another dog, but she tends to thrive best with calmer canine companions who match her easy going demeanour.

Teenagers aged 14 and above are welcome additions to Mallory's world. Her affectionate nature and gentle spirit make her a great fit for families with older teens.

Mallory is a big girl so can be strong on the lead, especially when she's initially excited about being outside. However, with a bit of patience and consistency, she settles into a nice walking rhythm once the initial excitement wanes.

Mallory's ideal home is one filled with love, where she can bask in the affection of her humans and maybe even have a canine companion to share her adventures with. A family that understands the needs of larger breeds and is committed to providing her with the guidance and care she deserves would be perfect for Mallory.

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