Enzo arrived with us after his previous owners were unfortunately unable to offer him the time he needed.

He has currently settled in to one of our foster homes where he is enjoying his daily walks ending with a cuddle on the sofa. 

My details

French bulldog


2 years old

The perfect home

Enzo does struggle to be left alone so is looking for a home where owners can work it so he has constant companionship whilst he learns to relax with short periods of time alone.

He does currently enjoy sharing his human companion’s bed as to not be left alone at night either.

Enzo is currently looking for a pet free home, he struggles to interact with other dogs and can become very anxious, he shows this by rubbing against his handler mixed with bouts of intense staring toward the other dog.

His foster home give him space from other dogs which then allows him to calm down but owners will need to read this behaviour and help him learn to settle around other dogs.

This is something we are happy to advise on going forward.

We are looking for an adult only home for him where he can be given space when he needs it. He will need owners prepared to work on his toilet training as he is still struggling to get to grips with this at the moment.

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