Dodger is a charming terrier who found himself in our care as an unclaimed stray. 

We believe that Dodger hasn't had much exposure to the world, and as a result, he's unsure about tactile handling and lead walking. He is making progress each day but will need further support with this at home. 

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4 years old

The perfect home

Dodger's ideal forever home would be one where there are no children and  where he can learn and grow alongside other well-rounded and confident dogs who can provide him with guidance and support. 

This sweet boy is in need of a secure garden with higher fences to ensure his safety. Dodger does best in calm environments, a quiet home with patient owners who can help build his confidence is essential. He may initially be apprehensive around new people, preferring to avoid them, but with time and patience, Dodger is sure to grow into a more outgoing companion. 

Dodger’s new family will need to understand the importance of giving him space when needed. Having his own safe space at home where he can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed will be beneficial for Dodger whilst settling in at home. 

Dodger is ready to find his new family who will be part of his journey to a brighter future! 

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