Bowie is a striking boy who is looking for a rockstar home. You can’t help but look at him and think ‘Oh! You Pretty thing’!

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2 years old

The perfect home

Besides his looks, Bowie has great character and loves his humans.

Bowie is a gentle boy with people he knows and loves his one-on-one time.

Bowie would like owners who will be home most of the day and can build up anytime he is left home alone. He is looking for an adult only home.

Bowie needs an active home as he loves a good snooze before telling you ‘Lets dance’. Bowie can find seeing other dogs on walks challenging.

We believe Bowie has had very limited experience of appropriate interactions with other dogs before coming into us. This means he can often feel ‘Under Pressure’ when seeing other dogs on his walks and can be vocal on lead around them.

He can build nice relationships with dogs at his own pace and does enjoy a good run! 

Bowie would really benefit from a home where there is an existing well matched dog present to help build his confidence and give him the outlets for play and companionship that he needs.

Bowie is looking for his ‘Heroes’ who will be patient with him whilst he settles in and help him feel more comfortable seeing dogs out on walks. Adopters will be supported by the behaviour team with Bowies training.

Bowie would need quiet walking areas, away from busy roads whilst he works on getting used to passing traffic and keeping his paws on the floor. Bowie is a clever boy and would benefit from reward-based training.

Bowie is sure to be a popular pick, are you ready for the Fame?

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