This absolute beauty is Beth.

On arrival with us she was very scared and would shy away when we came to see her but after a bit of gentle encouragement her personality is really starting to shine.

My details

Staffordshire bull terrier cross


3 years old

The perfect home

In the right home, we have no doubt Beth will be a fun-loving energetic girl who just wants to please.

Due to her timid nature, she is looking for a home with older children who are 14 and above at the moment where she can have the time she needs to learn to fully trust again.

Beth does well when in the company of other dogs, like with people she will approach cautiously but once she knows the other dog is friendly, she will start to play, and this helps build her confidence even more.

She would benefit from living with another dog and her ideal companion would be able to allow her to settle before going into more boisterous play.

Beth is a clever girl and has some of her basic training already and will thrive with owners who want to work on her training. She may need help with toilet training and learning to be left when first settling in.

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