This little man really lives up to his name and is always full of Beans! Since arriving in to us from the local pound Bean has enjoyed hunting down every tennis ball on site and teaching every staff member how to play fetch!

My details

Jack Russell Cross


4 years old

The perfect home

Bean does like to use his voice and will always let you know when he has something to say especially if you haven’t thrown the ball quick enough.

He has been a friendly chap with his handlers and does enjoy a back scratch in between play time however when it comes to more formal handling such as vet trips, he can be quite worried. Due to this he is currently learning the vets isn’t a scary place to be and we are in the process of teaching him to wear a muzzle for vet handling.

When out on walks he enjoys interacting with his environment and particularly likes getting his nose down in the woods.

We have introduced him to other dogs, and he prefers to keep his distance, he can, when frustrated, bark towards them but quickly re engages with his handler. Owners will need to continue working with him around other dogs and he would benefit from quieter walks where he can have space from other dogs when needed.

Bean is currently looking for a pet and child free home. He will need help with toilet training and learning to be left home alone initially.

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