The average length of stay for dogs in our care last year was 53 days. During that time our dedicated team worked with the dogs to prepare them for their new life, this included everyday training such as learning to sit down. Hence the name of this challenge!

We are calling on you to take on your own 53 day challenge to help the dogs in our care to prepare for their forever home.

Taking on this challenge involves doing 53 sit ups and 53 squats every day between 1st January and 23rd February 2022. You can take on the challenge safely in the comfort of your own home and can decide whether you do yours in one hit or spread them out.

If this sounds too easy then why not add 53 reps of press ups, burpees or add a 53 minute jog. The choice really is yours.

If you can't join us on New Years day then you can even choose your own start and end date.

Start your 53 day challenge and sign up here.