Saving a penny more each day in 2021 could help to raise £676 for Hope Rescue dogs

The 1p challenge is very simple: starting with just 1p, you put aside a little bit more money each day, increasing 1p at a time.

So on 1 January you save £0.01, then on 2 January £0.02, on 3 January £0.03 and so on, throughout the whole year:

  • Day 1: £0.01
  • Day 2: £0.02
  • Day 3: £0.03

Obviously, it’s slow going at first, but gradually you’ll be putting more and more aside:

  • Day 150: £1.50
  • Day 151: £1.51
  • Day 152: £1.52

If you’ve stuck to the challenge through the whole year, this will have helped you to raise £667.95.

Fancy taking on this challenge? You can either go down the traditional piggy bank route and we can give you some details to pay in every time it is full or you could set up an online fundraising page here