Meet the adorable Tommy and hear his story, told by one of our dedicated foster carers.

"Today Tommy is a cheeky, funny old man with a spring in his step and enjoying life to the full. But things were very different when Tommy first came into our care. He was a very unhealthy dog presenting us with serious questions about his quality of life. He had arrived at Hope as a stray, a lame old dog, no name, no history and no family. Tom visited our vet and was treated for pain and bronchitis to make him more comfortable, but it was clear that more investigations were needed. It was a little tricky to get Tom to take his tablets in kennels, he just rested on the hard floor (ignoring his soft bed) waiting for his next kennel visitor.  Like all our dogs, this lovely older gent really needed a home.


Tom came into palliative foster care with us where his health could be assessed further. With the support of the Hope Foster team we made a plan that was sensible for Tom. We discovered he had heart and kidney disease along with terrible arthritis from a previously broken and untreated leg. He needed to lose weight and increase his fitness without aggravating his painful conditions. With Hope's support Tommy was started on heart and kidney medication, along with painkillers to make him more comfortable.


He now has a prognosis of 6 to 12 months of good living. Tom coped really well with all the investigations, but each time he came back from a vet visit he was happier and happier to be here. He recognised this new place and he decided he liked it, he was home.  He started to learn about lying on soft beds, which helped his sore spots; he eats good dog food and has gained a collection of teddies; he enjoys mini adventures, walking a little further every week.  Tom has been a sweetheart from day one, it is a pleasure to take care of him."


Fostering - making a difference

Foster homes are essential for dogs like Tommy. He's a really good example of dogs that need to heal, to be given the opportunity to  blossom and have the chance to shine. They get to be part of a family, which is why foster homes are so vital to give dogs that extra love and comfort that they so often need. And for some of them, it may even be the first time they have enjoyed life in a loving home.

If you think you could foster for us and live in South Wales, please get in touch. More information is here.