Last year was a challenging year for us all and we are delighted to join an inspiring and incredible nationwide movement and want you to be part of it with us, for Hope Rescue dogs.

On 6 April last year Captain Tom Moore set out round his garden to thank our NHS heroes. One hundred laps later, he’d raised an incredible £38.9 million for the NHS Covid-19 appeal.

Now it’s our turn to build on that legacy. Friday 30 April would have been his 101st birthday and to honour him and his amazing achievements his family are inviting people from across the UK and the world to celebrate his most special year (his 100th) by doing incredible and inspiring for incredible causes. 

It is really easy to get involved. All you need to do is think up your 100 challenge and 'do it your way'. It can be anything you like – from walking 100 metres, baking 100 cakes, writing 100 letters, juggling for 100 seconds, building 100 sandcastles, selling 100 raffles tickets, telling 100 jokes or climbing 100 steps we would love to hear what you have planned.

Once you have decided on your 100 you can create you fundraising page to join 1000's of others all doing remarkable activities. You can set your page up HERE

Here is some ideas of how your fundraising donations could Hope Rescue dogs: 

£5 - Buys a dog a tasty chew to enjoy in their kennel and packet of training treats to start teaching them new behaviours to prepare them to find a new home. 

£10 - Provides flea and worming treatment, which left untreated can cause skin irritation and upset stomachs. 

£50 - Buys a collar, training lead, comfy harness and tag for our dogs at the Rescue Centre or in Foster Homes.

£100 - Can vaccinate four dogs.

Need inspiration click on the image for lots of fun 100 ideas.

Find out more about the challenge here #CaptainTom100

If you need any further help or inspiration then please get in touch [email protected] or call 01443226659