Ness and her flight of fancy

Our intrepid Chair of Trustees undertook an amazing challenge to raise funds – nothing like leading from the front (or rather from the air!). 
Vanessa (Ness) took to the skies above Sussex in an small ex-military aircraft (appropriately called a Bulldog!) to do aerobatics - looping the loop and all manner of hair raising stunts - to raise much-needed funds for our Sensory Garden. 
Thankfully we can report that she not only survived the flight without any panics or air sickness, but she loved every minute of it! 

Going the extra mile for Hope

One of our amazing supporters, Jo, has just undertaken a challenge, the scale of which cannot be overstated! She has just completed the Deloittes Ride across Britain (RAB) – a staggering 896 miles in just 9 days. For Jo, who only took up cycling less than two years ago, this was a once-in-a-lifetime venture, one of those bucket list things. And she did it all to raise money for Hope Rescue.

We need interior design expertise

Our search for a location to set up our very first charity shop has made great progress. We have found a premises in Pontypridd, and it looks as if it could meet all of our requirements. Although we have some very clear ideas of how we want it to look and feel, we will need some professional help to make those ideas a reality.
Are you an interior designer or do you know someone who would be able to help us? This project will be a stretch for us so if possible, we would be very grateful if the advice could be pro bono, or at very minimal cost. 

Gracie the Whippetfairy

It was lovely to read about happily rehomed Gracie the Whippetfairy in Dogs Today magazine this month. She was recently diagnosed with a badly damaged disc in her neck and two verterbrae compressing her spinal cord. Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick operated on her and owner Penel (from the amazing Penel Malby Photography) is delighted with her recovery. Gracie was one of the first dogs we rehomed back in March 2006 - we can't believe she is almost 10 years old now!

Happy Gotcha Day Sapphire!

I think most of us who were followers of Hope remember the day that Sapphire arrived. I was humbled, angered, saddened, frustrated and my heart melted when I read that, even though she must have been frightened, confused and in pain, that she leaned on Ali, our Rescue Manager, when she went to see her the following day. Sapphire touched all of us but I had no thought about adopting her, I never fell for her and I didn’t “need” her. Sapphire was just another black Lurcher and I wasn’t stupid enough to want one of those was I? 

Sponsored aerobatic flight - this Thursday!

Does anyone watch "50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy"? If so then you would have seen Mammy petrified as she takes to the skies in a vintage military aircraft - the same challenge I will be undertaking. I have to say it hasn't helped my nerves one little bit! But I am determined to do my friend Catherine (who donated the challenge due to her ill health) and Hope Rescue proud and hopefully achieve my £2,000 target.

Hope Rescue wins Pet Plan and ADCH Charity Team of the Year!

We were over the moon to win the Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Team of the Year award earlier this week. We had a great evening at the ceremony but the award is so much more than a good night out. This award recognises the hard work of Ali and all of our fantastic volunteer team and everyone should feel very proud. There were over 5,500 entries overall and for a small rescue like us to win is nothing short of amazing. It shows that although we may not have a lot of resources, we are still recognised as providing a quality service to the best of our abilities.

Our beautiful cover star

Anyone recognise the glamorous supermodel gracing the cover of next months Dogs Today Magazine? It is none other than our beautiful Sapphire! She still bears the scars of her ordeal but this photo sums up her resilience and character beautifully. Make sure you grab a copy to read her story!

Hope Rescue wins CEVA Charity Team of the Year!

The last couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind. We really cannot describe how incredibly proud we were to win the Charity Team of the Year award at the Ceva Welfare Awards. The award recognises the hard work of our amazing team - Ali, our dedicated volunteers and our supporters - and everyone should feel proud of the part they play. We may be a small charity but we have a big heart and teamwork has always been at the centre of everything we do. Thank you to each and every one of you who helps us to makes a difference.