Valentines Day Heartbreak

When we think we cannot be shocked anymore, something happens that breaks our hearts yet again. Cariad came in to our care on Valentines Day. She is aged at least 8 years, probably older. She is blind in both eyes – one eye has a total cataract and the other a chronic small eye that will need to be removed once she stops feeding. She has a grade 2 heart murmur, horrendous ear infection and likely water infection. Her fur was stained yellow from standing and sleeping in her own urine.  Despite her terribly poor condition she was forced to endure a pregnancy and arrived with her 3 x 4 week old pups, Cupid, Romeo and Candy. The pups were riddled with worms and a huge flea infestation. Mum and pups were given away so sadly we don’t know who is responsible for this appalling case. At a guess we would say the Dad is a Shihtzu – yet more designer crossbreeds being bred with no thought for their health or welfare. There is a happy ending for Cariad though, she is now safe and will get all the vet treatment she needs and will never endure another pregnancy again.  

At the moment we are picking up the pieces from backyard breeders on a weekly basis. If you could help us with our vet fees for Cariad and her pups we would be really grateful. You can set up a regular monthly  gift here: Alternatively you can make a one-off donation by clicking on the donate button below or alternatively you can donate through our Justgiving page here: You can also donate through Paypal:

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and we’ll keep you updated with Mum and pups progress.