Urgent Request for Information: Poorly Bulldog Found In Tylorstown

UPDATE: Tickle is still at the vets following emergency surgery. He had a belly full of worms, demodex mites and severe diarrohoea which won't stop so he is undergoing tests. 

10 month old English Bulldog Tickle has come in to our care as a stray. He had a nasty rectal prolapse, and an awful skin condition. He’s currently at the vet’s undergoing emergency surgery. We are really keen to find out who abandoned him in this dreadful condition and would appreciate any information. Please ring the centre in confidence on 01443 226659.Yet again, Tickle is a popular brachycephalic breed. We really are overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of these dogs coming in to rescue, many with expensive health issues. We are #sorrynotsorry for all our campaign posts, but we cannot stand by and watch this suffering week in week out without trying to do something about it.

How you can help...

We're a small rescue charity and our vet fees fund is really stretched because of all the poorly strays we have had in the past few weeks. Could you consider supporting us with a small monthly donation to help care for dogs who need urgent treatment and medication?

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