Two New Trustees Join the Hope Rescue Board

We are pleased to announce the appointment of two new Hope Rescue Trustees, Zena de Torres and Ellie Hetenyi.

Zena has been volunteering with Hope Rescue for over 2 years. She is taking on responsibility for Volunteer Management, including recruitment and training, an area that she is passionate about. Zena’s experience as a volunteer with Hope Rescue includes home checking, fostering, foster home recruitment and more recently, as our Foster and Adoption Manager. In her professional life, she is an Employee Relations HR Consultant, which means she brings a valuable set of skills and experience in managing people to this new role. Zena has two dogs: Bella, a Springer who she adopted from Hope (a ‘failed’ foster) and Kizzy, a black Lab.

Ellie, who is based in Cardiff, will be responsible for Finance and has already become closely acquainted with our accounting systems. She is very well qualified to take on this role, being a financial and internal auditor, currently working in one of the Big Four professional services firms. Her experience of public sector and charitable clients will be put to good use, offering financial expertise and direction to Hope Rescue. A keen runner, Ellie is not yet a dog owner, though it won't be long before she and her partner adopt into their home!