Stunning Madge Needs A Home

Please meet Madge, an elegant beauty who is still looking for a home. After a very unsettled start in life, she needs a calm and experienced home preferably as the only dog but could possibly live with another relaxed and friendly dog. She cannot live with cats or other small animals.

Although still only 18 months old, Madge had puppies just under a year ago when she was no more than a pup herself. After all of her pups moved onto homes, Madge settled on foster in North Lincolnshire. After all that she’s been through in her young life, it’s no wonder that she can be timid and wary of new situations, strange people and other dogs.

However, once she has learned to trust you, she is a loving and faithful companion, full of energy and fun.

Hope Rescue first stepped when this black beauty was really down on her luck. In her foster home, Madge has really started to blossom and thrive with positive and gentle handling and had proved to be both very intelligent and trainable. 

Kate Needham, Hope Rescue Trustee, remains determined to find Madge her forever home: “At Hope Rescue we don’t turn away a dog in need, irrespective of age, breed or medical condition and with a good bit of dedication and with plenty of canine cuddles, it’s great to see Madge being able to be a young, active dog again.

“You forget how much this lovely young dog has been through in her short life. It would be wonderful to see Madge off to her very own home where she will need to worry no more and can love and be loved as she deserves.”

Anyone interested in adopting Madge should contact Hope Rescue on or call 07545 822919.