Stray Dogs in South Wales

From time to time we have to raise our concerns about the number of stray dogs being found that are not being reported to the dog warden, or are being kept initially then passed on again. The stray dog laws are in place for a reason - to ensure there is a robust legal process in place and to give the owners the very best chance of finding their lost dog. Not everyone is on social media to see a found dog post on a lost and found site. It is vital that stray dogs are checked for a microchip.

We are very fortunate in South Wales that every Local Authority either works with a rescue or does its own rehoming. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about passing a stray dog in to the care of the Local Authority pounds in South Wales.

Hope Rescue, Four Paws Animal Rescue, West Wales Poundies, Greenacres Rescue, Cardiff Dogs Home, Newport City Dogs Home and Croft Kennels work extremely hard to ensure no stray dog in South Wales is put to sleep unnecessarily.  They will also ensure that any vet work is carried out so there really is no need for treatment to be withheld when finders do not have the funds.

While a finder can ask for a retainer to keep a found dog for 28 days, it must still be reported to the dog warden as found. However, the dog cannot be moved out of area, nor can it be passed on or rehomed during that time.

It is also important to note that legal ownership does not pass in this situation. The legal owner can still reclaim their dog at any time in the future. Legal ownership only passes If the dog is admitted in to the Local Authority pound and is held for 7 days.

You can read more about the stray dog process in Rhondda Cynon Taf, for which Hope Rescue has the kennelling contract, here.